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The Chiefs and Benching

Alright, i’m going to update you guys on the scores of the Chiefs and Trabzonspor The Chiefs played on Sunday night as usual, and we played against the Green Bay Packers. It was a low scoring game, but it was still a good game. Before I tell you the score of the game I want… Continue reading The Chiefs and Benching

Recent Games

There was a couple games the past week that I want to tell you about. So, first, Trabzonspor played against a team called Rizespor (Ree-zey-spor) Rize is the city right next to Trabzon. It was a really close and hard game because Rizespor is the worst team in the whole league and if we lost… Continue reading Recent Games

My Favorite Sports Teams

My favorite teams are, the Kansas City Chiefs, which is a football team, in the United States. I also like the KC Royals, which is also in the US. Which is a baseball team. The Royals and the Chiefs are both in the state of Kansas, where I grew up in. I was so excited… Continue reading My Favorite Sports Teams

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